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 Mark Blythe is Professor of Interdisciplinary Design at Northumbria University.  He is a design ethnographer with a background in social science. He has tried to think of a way of saying this that doesn't sound pretentious but hasn't quite managed it. 

He has written a bunch of academic papers​ on Human Computer Interaction and there are PDFs of them here. He co-edited the 2018 books Funology 1 and 2 and also co-edited the MIT press book  Critical Theory and Interaction Design.  He co-authored a recent review of research fiction and has also written a book length design fiction which is available here. 


He has been improving his appearance with an app that has turned him into a manga character.  He hopes you like the pretty background colours but he is worried they are distracting, are you finding that, he wonders? 

 If you are wanting to "reach out" as the dear Americans say then here is his email address:  

If you are another Mark Blythe googling your own name - hello! What a wonderful name we share.  If you are a bot related to search engine optimisation the site name is researchfiction 

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