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Solutionism, the Game: Design Fictions for Positive Aging

This paper reports a qualitative study of thriving older people and illustrates the findings with design fiction.

Solutionism, the game: design fictions for positive aging

M Blythe, J Steane, J Roe, C Oliver (2015)

EightySomething: Banking for the Older Old

An eighty year old today is expected on average to live well beyond the year 2020. However the needs of the older old are seldom considered in relation to current and future banking services. This paper documents a qualitative study investigating the meaning of money to a group of eighty somethings (people aged over 80)

Eighty something: banking for the older old

J Vines, M Blythe, P Dunphy, A Monk (2011)

Cheque Mates: participatory design of digital payments with eighty somethings.

Cheque mates: participatory design of digital payments with eighty somethings

J Vines, M Blythe, P Dunphy, V Vlachokyriakos, I Teece, A Monk, P Olivier (2012)

Age and Experience: Ludic engagement in a residential care setting

This paper describes findings from a two-year study of a residential care home and develops the notion of cross-generational engagement through ludic systems which encourage curiosity and playfulness. 

Age and experience: ludic engagement in a residential care setting

M Blythe, P Wright, J Bowers, A Boucher, N Jarvis, P Reynolds, B Gaver (2010)

The Photostroller Supporting Diverse Care Home Residents in Engaging with the World

The Photostroller is a device designed for use by residents of a care home for older people

The photostroller: supporting diverse care home residents in engaging with the world

William Gaver, Andy Boucher, John Bowers, Mark Blythe, Nadine Jarvis, David Cameron, Tobie Kerridge, Alex Wilkie, Robert Phillips, Peter Wright (2012)

Net Neighbours

Describes the design of Net Neighbours, an online shopping system still used today for older people who do not have access to computers. 

Net Neighbours: adapting HCI methods to cross the digital divide

M Blythe, A Monk (2005)

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