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Unlimited Editions: Three Approaches to the Dissemination and Display of Digital Art

The paper reflects on three approaches to the dissemination and display of digital art. “s[edition]” is a novel, web-based service that offers limited editions of “digital prints”.

Unlimited editions: three approaches to the dissemination and display of digital art

M Blythe, J Briggs, J Hook, P Wright, P Olivier (2013)

Digital Originals: Reproduction as a Space for Design

This paper reports findings from a qualitative study of a group of artists in the North of England. It focuses on the impact of digital technology on their printmaking and wider art practice. 

Digital originals: reproduction as a space for design

M Blythe, J Briggs, P Olivier, J Hook (2012)

Tenori - On Stage: YouTube as a Performance Space

This paper reports findings from four related studies of the “Tenori-on” as it appears on YouTube in order to consider Web 2.0 as a performance space. 

Tenori-on stage: YouTube as performance space

M Blythe, P Cairns (2010)

History and Experience: Storytelling and Interaction Design

This paper reflects on the uses of different forms of storytelling in the design and implementation of an experience prototype for a Museum exhibition about the medieval historian Jean Froissart. Concept designs developed during interdisciplinary design workshops were captured as pastiche scenarios for further discussions. 

History and experience: storytelling and interaction design

M Blythe, J McCarthy, P Wright, D Petrelli (2011)

Interdisciplinary Criticism: Analysing the Experience of Riot!

This paper reports the findings from quantitative and qualitative studies of Riot! a location sensitive interactive play for voices. 

Interdisciplinary criticism: analysing the experience of riot! a location-sensitive digital narrative

M Blythe, J Reid, P Wright, E Geelhoed (2006)

Interaction Design and the Critics: What to Make of the "Weegie"

This paper describes the development and evaluation of “weegie” an audio-photography desk featuring sounds and images inspired by the Govan area of Glasgow. It was intended to be an interactive artwork that would challenge negative preconceptions about the area. 

Interaction design and the critics: what to make of the weegie

M Blythe, J Robinson, D Frohlich (2008)

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