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Design Fiction

The Co-Ordinates of Design Fiction

This paper argues that design fiction is a powerful term in part because it is malleable. A wide range of differing design fictions are emerging and we pursue a spatial metaphor to provide a map based on literary approaches.

The Co-ordinates of Design Fiction: Extrapolation, Irony, Ambiguity and Magic

M Blythe, E Encinas (2016)

The Solution Printer: Magic Realist Design Fiction

We describe the development of a device designed to capture images from that extraordinary dream. This was a prop, or diegetic prototype that unexpectedly began to work. We then report a range of other fictional devices developed at the Solutionist Studio which began to function as described. We argue that the line between fiction and reality has become entirely porous.

The Solution Printer: Magic Realist Design Fiction

E Encinas, M Blythe (2016)

Research Through Design Fiction

This paper reflects on the uses of prototypes in “Research through Design” and considers “Design Fiction” as a technique for exploring the potential value of new design work.

Research through design fiction: narrative in real and imaginary abstracts

M Blythe (2014)

Chatbots of the Gods: Imaginary Abstracts for Techno-Spirituality Research

The paper considers science fiction treatments of spirituality, religion and “the numinous” — a mysterious presence that evokes fascination, awe and sometimes dread — as stimulus for exploring techno-spiritual design through “imaginary abstracts”, a form of design fiction.

Chatbots of the gods: imaginary abstracts for techno-spirituality research

M Blythe, E Buie (2014)

Digital Spirits: Report of an Imaginary Workshop on Technologies to Support Religious and Spiritual Experience

Imaginary abstracts summarise papers that have not been written, about prototypes that do not exist . This collection comes from an imaginary workshop, an event that did not occur, about technologies designed to support religious practices and spiritual experiences

The Centenarians

January 01, 2020

The Centenarians is a long form design fiction. Annabel and Boris Bide are one hundred year old secret agents called out of retirement to track down their old ad- versary, @tak. Their search takes them through care centres of the twenty first century like WalmartCare, Albion and Horny Pines. Will they find @tak in time to save what’s left of the country? And will they be able to turn their new television on?

Practical products for centenarian spies

M Blythe (2015) Excerpt in interactions 22 (2), 18-19

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