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Tenori-On Stage: YouTube as Performance Space

This paper reports findings from four related studies of the “Tenori-on” as it appears on YouTube in order to consider Web 2.0 as a performance space. 

Tenori-on stage: YouTube as performance space

M Blythe, P Cairns (2010)

YouMethods: the iPhone on YouTube

This paper was a response to videos about the iPhone on YouTube. . It is argued that social science methods are not sufficient for  understanding of such material. The paper concludes with an analysis of “Will it Blend” that draws on cultural and critical theory. 

Critical methods and user generated content: the iPhone on YouTube

M Blythe, P Cairns (2003)


This book charted the move in HCI from usability to enjoyment. Andrew Monk and I are now working on a second edition

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