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Meditations on YouTube

This paper reports findings from a study of meditation videos posted on YouTube. It reports on both the features they offer and the kinds of comments posted.

Meditations on YouTube

E Buie, M Blythe (2013)

Spirituality: There's an App for that! (But not much Research)

In this paper we provide an overview of the relevant HCI research in this area, a partial inventory of spiritually oriented apps in the iTunes US App Store, and a comparison of research and real-world developments

Spirituality: there's an app for that!(but not a lot of research)

E Buie, M Blythe

The Prayer Companion

In this paper we describe the Prayer Companion, a device we developed as a resource for the spiritual activity of a group of cloistered nuns.

The prayer companion: openness and specificity, materiality and spirituality

W Gaver, M Blythe, A Boucher, N Jarvis, J Bowers, P Wright (2010) 

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